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Liquid Stranger – “Welcome to Bombaclaad (Liquid Stranger vs. Damian Marley)” (FREE DL!!) [Dub//Bass]


The first time I ever heard this track was this past Fall when Liquid Stranger made his much anticipated return to Philadelphia. While the Swedish DJ and producer is probably more renowned for his heavy bass tracks, over the past year he’s been pushing more and more emphasis toward his downtempo and dub based production. Some of our readers may already be well aware of this, while for others it might be delightful news, but if you are to cycle through Liquid Stranger’s discography, you will quickly realize that the man has spent just as much time mastering minimal bass tones as he has his bass cannons. A series of reggae and dub inspired downtempo albums- including The Invisible Conquest (2007), The Intergalactic Slapstick (2009 )and The Arcane Terrain (2011)- give life to a side of the production mastermind that those who attend his live performances rarely get a glimpse into.

That all changed in the Summer of 2013 when Infrasound Music Festival brought Stranger on as one of their special 2-set performers. Those who attended the festival not only got to experience the ever-incredible riveting dubstep and drumstep attacks of his usual performances, but with the second set they were able to experience the producer’s first ever entirely downtempo set. While I was, sadly, not in attendance, I can only imagine the bliss that Stranger put together for his fans. We were, however, lucky enough to catch a few downtempo tracks during the previously mentioned show this past year when he made his most recent visit to Philadelphia, including this one. If you’re familiar with Stranger’s downtempo work, you may recognize this beat already- and let’s hope you recognize those vocals supplied by Damian Marley. Either that, or you may have heard the track- call it a remix, a mash-up, a bootleg, or whatever else- in his most recent “Infusion Mix Vol. 1”, which we shared not too long ago. The production on this track is taken from “Bombaclaad Star”, which originally appeared on The Arcane Terrain, but Liquid has decided to reimagine the track and give it a fresh new spin, further spreading the love back to his fans in the form of a FREE download. Damian Marley’s vocals give the track an extra dose of reggae and dub influence, complimenting the track’s production perfectly.

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Liquid Stranger – “Welcome to Bombaclaad (Liquid Stranger vs. Damian Marley)” — FREE Download!!

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