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MUST DIE! – “Rest Nest (Spag Heddy Remix)” (FREE DL!!) [Dubstep//Bass]


Here’s two guys that have been making some serious noise lately, especially throughout the past year. Atlanta based producer MUST DIE! has been climbing the scene her in the U.S. with his excessive, destructive bass attacks. It’s always a sure shot that if you’ve got a new MUST DIE! tune, you’ve got one heck of a nasty bass track. With that in mind, it should be no stretch of the imagination that Spag Heddy would turn the track into an even more smashing tune. The UK producer has been relentless in releases, never ceasing his production and constantly working on new projects. This remix is just the latest, and as with MUST DIE!, every tune from Spag Heddy is absolutely monstrous. So take a MUST DIE! original, fuse it with Spag Heddy’s own style, and your result is this: an unstoppable gun fight of crashing synthesizers and jabbing bass lines. FREE download on this one; enjoy!

Spag Heddy – Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

MUST DIE! – “Rest Nest (Spag Heddy Remix)” — FREE Download!!

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