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Omar LinX – #RoadToMor EP (FREE DL!!) + Album Announcement [Hip-Hop//Rap]


Canadian rapper Omar LinX first caught my attention the same way he caught the attention of many others, through a series mesmerizing collaborations with fellow Canadian DJ and production duo Zeds Dead. The two worked off each other with incredible success, both absolutely killing every single track they worked together on. Omar was one of the first to master the skill of applying flowing hip-hop rhymes to a crunchy bass beat. But he’s a lot more than that; he’s an incredibly talented rapper no matter beat he’s laying his rhymes over. I wasn’t satisfied with just his collaborations with the Zeds Dead, so I dug deeper and learned that he was, indeed, just as masterful when applying his skills to classic hip-hop beats.

It has, however, been a while since I’ve heard anything new from Omar, but this new EP changes that, while also demonstrating that he’s still got it. The #RoadToMor features four new tracks, each teeming with inspiration and clout. “Can’t Forget”, “Who Are You to Judge”, and “Interstellar” also show off the more unknown side of the Candian rapper, the side in which he applies his prowess to more relaxed and classically-inspired hip-hop production, while “Rise Up” recalls his time spent with Zeds Dead, once again formulating flowing hip-hop rhymes over a more energetic electronic-inspired beat. However, this time Omar has worked with UK duo Document One to bring you a massive fusion of hip-hop and bass music. Whether you’re a classic hip-hop fan, or a listener looking for something to get grooving too while simultaneously battering you ears with excellent rap vocals, the #RoadToMor EP has you covered.

The entire EP is just a glimpse into Omar LinX’s forthcoming full-length album, M.O.R. (Music Or Revenge), due for release later this year.

Omar LinX Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Omar LinX – #RoadToMor EP FREE Download!!

Funkadelphia Picks: “Can’t Forget” & “Rise Up” (feat. Document One)

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