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Terravita – Rituals (FREE DLs!!) [Dubstep//Drum & Bass]


When it comes to bringing the heat- and I mean serious heat; straight bomb-dropping, face-melting, eardrum-blowing, heat- Firepower Records has truly set themselves apart from the crowd. Of course dubstep is not the well-kept secret it used to be, but there remains a clear distinction between those producers who have mastered the art, and those who are still establishing their skills, or even, the less desirable, those who are only in it for the genre’s explosion in popularity. Firepower keeps it real though, and it’s not a secret why. Led by one of dubstep’s leading names and largest innovators, Datsik, the label has an unquenchable thirst for disgusting bass onslaughts.

Perhaps one of the label’s most notable artists, and one of their original enlistments, Terravita has taken full advantage of Datsik’s welcoming arms. With a FREE EP release already under their belts earlier this year, the Boston trio is back at it with their first ever full-length album, Rituals. Not only is this the debut album from Terravita, but it also shows off their most diverse range of sound to date, featuring everything from their classic and well-known dubstep assailments, to their lesser-known but still existent drum & bass skills, to a new exploration into heavy glitch-hop, and of course, trap, including the mind-blowing collaboration with J. Rabbit, “King of the Jungle”, which somehow manages to transition between trap and drum & bass. The album is also heavily covered with the mesmerizing vocals of the trio’s frontman and rapper and instilled with the distinctive Terravita sound design we’ve all come to love. In addition to J. Rabbit’s appearance, Rituals features a good deal of awesome collaborations from the likes of many talented artists, including Destroid member/ex-Pendulum member and drummer KJ Sawka, Firepower owner Datsik, Nerd Rage, and Obsidian, among others. Bass heads, get on this one!

You can stream the full album below, and below the player you will also find select FREE downloads of tracks from the album. And, for even more awesome Terravita music, check HERE!

Terravita Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Terravita – Rituals Buy on Beatport // Buy on iTunes

Funkadelphia Picks: “Spicy by the Glass”, “Losing Control” (feat. Datsik) & “Check This Out”


FREE Downloads from Rituals:
04) “Check This Out” — FREE Download!!
06) “We Are Alive” — FREE Download!!
11) “Atlantic Drifer” (feat. KJ Sawka) — FREE Download!!
13) “Spicy by the Glass” — FREE Download!!
14) “Settle the Score” (feat. Casey Desmond) — FREE Download!!

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