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Album Review: Panther God – Golden Changes (+ “Make Noise” FREE DL!!) [Glitch//Trip-Hop]


It’s not too often that a piece of electronic music comes our way that really makes me step back and completely reevaluate electronic music altogether, but when it does, it’s always a work that screams of attention to detail, precise sound design and a culmination of years of devoted work. Overpowered by dance music, the electronic world has been frequently neglected at times by the so-called “experts” of the industry. The reality is, however, that there are producers tirelessly working to alter that perspective and exemplify an outlook on music that has yet to be brought to life.


As proud of the East Coast and Philadelphia as we are, it is absolutely necessary at times to call attention to such artists, one of whom is Panther God, a Miami based producer exuding deep insight into the realm of glitch and trip-hop. After a spurt of remixes and single track releases, he has finally reached the point of satisfaction with his debut album, Golden Changes, enough to grace us with its daunting and complex production. There are clear roots and inspiration here from West Coast artists such as Flying Lotus, yet Panther God manages to breach the style with his own attentive sound design and persistently intriguing compositions. The album cries for a reevaluation of electronic music from those constantly dismissive of its ability to demonstrate true musicianship.

Patching together elements of glitch, hip-hop, jazz, and further developed electronic genres, Golden Changes is more than a piece for simple listening; it’s a journey into the depths of sound. Each and every track marks another step into the madness of avant-garde composition, drawing its victims deeper and deeper into itself. This album will swallow you whole. It will grab you by the eardrums and refuse to let you go until you have experienced it in its entirety, by which time it will already be too late. You will be left, mouth hanging open, unsure of what you just experienced. Return to track one to repeat the process and try to digest what has just been delivered unto you. It’s often easy to enjoy a dance song one time through and move forward, but for an album such as this, that is simply not the case. It demands your full-attention, asking you to try to keep up with creative liberties it has taken.

Panther God Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Panther God – Golden Changes Buy the Album

Funkadelphia Picks: “Pixel Lord”, “Golden Changes”, “Make Noise” & “Samson”

04) “Make Noise” — FREE Download!!


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