Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul / Hip-Hop/Rap

Boss Miller – “Check Your 6 (ProJect Aspect Remix)” (FREE DL!!) [Glitch-Hop//Rap]


Earlier this year South Dakota based hip-hop artist and rapper Boss Miller released his latest contribution, Don’t Stand Still, which was packed full of flowing rhymes and fresh beats. It seems, one of my personal favorite producers, ProJect Aspect caught wind of the release and enjoyed it enough to buff out one of the tracks with his signature swagged out bass sound. Aspect’s sound and style lend themselves perfectly to hip-hop, often throwing in countless hip-hop acapellas into his live sets to keep them ever-entertaining. So, this new remix compliments that idea perfectly, featuring Boss Miller’s twirling vocals floating atop a glorious glitch-hop beat. Just another FREE download from the man himself.

And be sure to catch ProJect Aspect performing alongside Unlimited Gravity (as Unlimited Aspect) as Farmfest 2014!

ProJect Aspect – Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Boss Miller – “Check Your 6 (ProJect Aspect Remix)” — FREE Download!!

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