Dubstep/Drumstep / Electronic

Eskmo – B-Sds Unrlsd Vol. 1 (2008-2012) (FREE DL!!) [Dubstep//Breakbeat]


Los Angelese producer Eskmo has been hiding his newest production in the shadows of his mind for some time now. The apparent reason behind this was revealed over the weekend when Eskmo made the announcement of an approaching new album to come later this year. In addition to the announcement, he also decided to give us some new, old material to tide us over. Over the past few months we’ve seen a few throwback releases from Eskmo, but now we have the latest, which delves into the dark, ambient nature that we have so often associated with him. Complete with five never before heard tracks the release is exactly what you need to fulfill the need for some more Eskmo until the album later this year. Plus he further stated that also leading up the album we will be receiving, “free odd bits and ends”.

Eskmo Webiste // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Eskmo – B-Sds Unrlsd Vol. 1 (2008-2012) — FREE Downloads Below!!

01) “Stay Here” — FREE Download!!

02) “Manner of Experience” — FREE Download!!

03) “Pacific” — FREE Download!!

04) “1996 (VHS Mix)” — FREE Download!!

05) “Our Lives” — FREE Download!!

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