Album Review / Downtempo/Minimal / Electronic / Hip-Hop/Rap

Album Review: Teebs – E S T A R A [Glitch//Trip-Hop]


The West Coast has consistently given way to some of the most inspiring and intriguing beats we could possibly dream of. A lot of this is thanks to Flying Lotus and his Brainfeeder label, which consistently stands to push the boundaries of electronic production and exemplify its ability to produce complex compositions as well as attentive sound design. While the label’s roster has now grown to massive proportions, there remain a few artists that are undeniably at the forefront of its success. One such producer is Teebs, hailing from Chino Hills, California.

With a consistent off-tempo perspective on production, which is often characteristic of Brainfeeder artists, Teebs provides an almost misty environment through each track he touches. With his sophomore release, E S T A R A, conditions his tradition with some of the most organic drum kits you will ever hear on electronically produced tracks. The sound design is refined and precise, sounding almost found-sound based in certain areas, while continuing to layer each track with a thin film of indescribable noise. The tracks take on a wide range of instrumental input from brass to strings, and the addition of vocals at select points through the album further add to the album’s mysteriousness. The sound Teebs has carved out here is so unmistakably his own and it’s easy to see why it hasn’t been mirrored by any other producer yet, simply because it’s complex enough that it will constantly leave you wondering how it was even achieved.

Stream the Full Album FREE Here!!

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Teebs – E S T A R A Buy the Album

Stream the Full Album FREE Here!!

Funkadelphia Picks: “View Point”, “SOTM” & “Shoouss Lullaby”

02) “View Point”

03) “Holiday” (feat. Jonti)



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