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An-Ten-Nae – “Lhasa” (FREE DL!!) [Trap//Future Bass]


An-Ten-Nae is the master of trap, hands down. Not only has he been doing his “trap” thing far longer than the general public was even aware of the genre’s existence, but he also constantly exhibits the ability to re-imagine the genre in any form imaginable, and sometimes even in ways that can’t be imagined until actually heard. His last full-length, a collaboration with Shingetsu called Dimond Saints, took a fresh perspective on the trap sound through what the duo called “acid trap”. Now An-Ten-Nae is back, announcing an upcoming release that he’s calling the Medicine Crunk Mixtape, as well as dropping the first track from the release: “Lhasa”. As always, An-Ten-Nae is presenting a whole new sound with this track, utilizing the trap tempo and drum kit, while twisting in chopped up vocal samples, a slow crawling mid-range layer, and glitched out synthesizers. This track is a prime example of how while trap has seen an over-zealous rise in attention, it can still be done in a unique fashion; you just need an artist that is truly artistic.

An-Ten-Nae – Website // Soundcloud  // Facebook // Twitter

An-Ten-Nae – “Lhasa” — FREE Download!!

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