Electronic / Rock

Ki:Theory – Kitty Hawk (Disc 2 Premier!! – FREE DL!!) [Electronica//Ambient]


A while back Ki:Theory dropped his latest project on us, his newest album Kitty Hawk. Actually, “a while back,” might not be the proper terminology here, because that was only 2 months ago now. So it comes as an honest surprise that the Richmond musician would not only have new material for us already, but an entire new album’s worth of it. Fresh off the presses is the second disc of Kitty Hawk, complete with six new original tracks and six new remixes. Of course Ki:Theory is providing us with some seriously note-worthy and enjoyable jams on the album, but the remixes are also coming from some of our favorites, including Break Science and Odesza among others. Think it can’t get any better? Well let me tell you: it can. That’s because Ki:Theory is giving away the entire album (discs 1 AND 2) completely FREE on his website! I suggest getting on this one and getting on it quick.

Ki:Theory Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Ki:Theory – Kitty Hawk (Disc 2) — Kitty Hawk (Discs 1 & 2) FREE Download!!

Funkadelphia Picks: “No One Gets Hurt”, “Young Islands”, “Lay Our Bodies Down” & “Open Wound (Odesza Remix)”


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