Electronic / Future Bass

redHat – MoMo EP (FREE DL!!) [Glitch//Breakbeat]


Earlier this week we shared a new record release from Norfik through Philadelphia’s own Psy.Fi Productions. Now comes another great release related to Psy.Fi. One of the label’s co-founders, redHat, just released his brand new MoMo EP, and while it wasn’t put out through Psy.Fi, it’s equally as great to see a Philadelphia producer getting recognition from a broader spectrum.

The EP is a prime example of redHat’s ability to spin minimal electronic elements into fast-paced beat layers. The tracks demonstrate inspirations from breakcore, juke, hip-hop and beyond, with synthwork that delves into the  glitch and ambient spectrums. This is one Philadelphia producer that is constantly trying to do more for the local scene, pushing the boundaries of his sound and entirely discarding the confines of a typical dance track. Also included with the release are three remixes (one of each original mix from the EP) from three different producers, each maintaing the complex approach of their original counterparts, while also incorporating plenty of original sound and thought.

redHat Soundcloud // Facebook

redHat – MoMo EP — FREE Downloads Below

Funkadelphia Picks: “Wrong” & “Wrong (Werd Remix)”

01) “Therapy” — FREE Download!!
02) “Wrong” — FREE Download!!
03) “Truth” — FREE Download!!
04) “Therapy (Machine Girl Mix)” — FREE Download!!
05) “Truth (ZSonic Mix)” — FREE Download!!
06) “Wrong (Werd Mix)” — FREE Download!!

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