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FIGURE – “Infinite Lives” + Bonus Live Set (FREE DLs!!) [Trap//Bass]



If you follow FIGURE on twitter, you may have seen his series of tweets yesterday about how he “unfollowed” everyone in order to get back into music the way he wants it to be, not the way “the EDM frat world” wants it. Among those tweets, he also mentioned that he would be giving away a free track both this week AND next week! Well, it seems he got pretty anxious and ended up posting a new track soon after! A trap song consisting of some new synths reminiscent of old video games, “Infinite Lives” is yet another display of FIGURE’s ability to spread out to other realms outside his forte, while still bringing his unique sound and energy to the table. Enjoy the free download, and if you’re interested to see what he has planned for the future, take a look at his tweets from yesterday – Twitter linked below!

FIGUREWebsite // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

FIGURE – “Infinite Lives (Original Mix)” — FREE Download!

BONUS!! As I was writing this, I noticed this recently uploaded live set from FIGURE’s last sold out show in Los Angeles, also available for FREE DOWNLOAD!

FIGURE – “Control Radio 059 – Figure Live @ Control” — FREE Download!

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