Drum & Bass / Dubstep/Drumstep / Electro House / Electronic / Trap

Datsik – Hold It Down Remixes EP [Dubstep//Drumstep]


Troy Beetles is always on top of his game. The Canadian producer and DJ, best known as the mighty Datsik, has been busting holes in ceilings and tearing down walls for years, non-stop. His last album, Let It Burn, was packed with massive bass buzzsaws, taking the music all up down the dub range, peppering in some reggae bass, some dark grime, and some lightning synth-cuts. Now Datsik is back with his Hold It Down Remixes EP, featuring one of Let It Burn‘s hottest tracks as well as three completely contorted new arrangements from the likes of Joe Ford, Doctor P and Luminox. Of course you once again completely different perspectives on the bass game brought through this album. Doctor P layers it up into some electro before dropping the track into a destructive dubstep tune, while Joe Ford’s remix is an experiment is sound-design madness poured through drum & bass and drumstep rhythms, and Luminox knocks out a ridiculous bass-rumbling trap tune.

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Datsik – Hold It Down Remixes EP Buy on Beatport // Buy on iTunes

Funkadelphia Pick: “Hold It Down (Joe Ford Remix)

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