Liquid Stranger – The Renegade Crusade EP + “The Gargon” Official Video & FREE DL!! [Dub//Bass]


Liquid Stranger has been extremely active, and I guess this explains why. After a deep, crawling new mix, which was followed up by a fresh, chill new bootleg, the UK to US transfer producer and DJ hits us with his newest album, The Renegade Crusade EP. It features four new original tracks, plus a freshly spiced remix of “The Molecule Man”. This one almost slipped passed me, but I’m glad I caught it. Everything Liquid Stanger has been releasing has featured that much more deep dub, dark, ambient sound, and this new EP carries on in the same line of thought. Dark, mysterious, foreboding, the record is like the soundtrack to an Edgar Allen Poe poem.

And extra special gift is the music video for the track “The Gargon” off the new EP, and it is easily one of the best music videos I have yet to see. The video features the artwork of Andy Thomas. Thomas creates natural landscapes infused with digital 3-D animation to create a ghastly trek through uncharted territory. TheUntz was certainly correct in saying these creatures seem to be taken directly from the minds of Lovecraft among others. You can also grab “The Gargon” as a FREE download below!

Liquid Stranger Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Liquid Stranger – The Renegade Crusade EP Buy on Bandcamp // “The Gargon” FREE DL!!

Liquid Stranger – “The Gargon” [Official Music Video] — FREE Download!!

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