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Glitch Squad – The Glitch Tape (FREE DL!!) [Hip-Hop//Rap]


Here we go, Glitch Squad is back at it. Nothing serves me better in the sunny Spring time than some fresh hip-hop beats and tracks, and that’s exactly what the Philly collective is serving up. With 4/19 being Record Store Day, it was the perfect time for Glitch Squad to release their latest compilation, The Glitch Tape. The name is exceedingly appropriate as the physical release was indeed a cassette tape. Either way, you can stream the compilation below and scoop it via the “name your price” option on the group’s Bandcamp. In our last interview with Glitch Squad founders Jack Deezl and Architekt, as well as JXLbeats, the group mentioned this release, and now it’s up for your listening enjoyment. Just as the trio of producers discussed the collective’s goal of creating interesting music through diversity, this newest release certainly demonstrates that point. From a group of over 15 producers that have given us dubstep, glitch-hop, future bass, trip-hop, and a variety of other genres in the past, what we have here is 15 tracks of nothing but kicking hip-hop beats, most of covered up tightly with rapping. Epic.

Glitch Squad Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Glitch Squad – The Glitch Tape FREE Download!!/Donate

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