Festival Preview: Luna Light Music & Arts Festival (Full Lineup & More!!)


Luna Light Festival – Website // Buy Tickets // Facebook

After much anticipation and a series of incredible lineup introductions, another local festival gem has emerged from the dust. Luna Light Music & Arts Festival will open the gates for its inaugural year in Barto, Pennsylvania, just an hour outside of the city. The festival promises a beautiful weekend and experience for its attendees, going far beyond its already impressive musical appeal. Luna Light will offer an array of vendors and the incorporation of live art, as well as art installations. This is all, of course, in addition to their incredible lineup, which features artists all across the jam and electronic spectrums. There are plenty of great local artists, such as Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Space Jesus and Manifested; as well as farther travelers, specifically Keller Williams, Lettuce and Shpongle‘s Simon Posford. The selection of electronic producers brought on board is impeccable:, Zebbler Encanti Experience, Kalya Scintilla and Schlang to name a few. With the ease of its locality, beautiful location, and gawkable lineup, Luna Light promises to be one of the Summer’s most serene festivals.

Below you can find samples from just a few of the artists that will grace the festival’s three stages.

Luna Light Festival Website // Buy Tickets // Facebook

Shpongle – “Nothing Is Something Worth Doing”

Lettuce – “Yakatori” — FREE Download!!

Keller Williams – “People Watching” [Live – The Orange Peel, 2010] — FREE Download!!

Kalya Scintilla – “We Are Devine”

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong – “Pop Off” [Live – The 8×10, 2012] — FREE Download!!

CalicoLeaf – “Wasteland Thunderstorms (Zebbler Encanti Experience Remix)”

Manifested – “Stillness”

Schlang – “Fifth Element Re:Schlanged” — FREE Download!!

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