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SwAy & Ageless – SwAygeless EP (FREE DL!!) [Electro Soul//Glitch-Hop]


A few days ago we brought you a fresh new remix from SwAy, and if you thought that was great, then just check this out. The Canadian duo have teamed up with their Philos Records brother, Ageless, to bring you the SwAygeless EP. Together the trio bring a refreshing, deep, but driving three new tracks on top of three masterful remixes. Throughout the EP the influences of hip-hop and soul are constant, especially through steady scratches; however, each of the three original mixes has a completely different approach.

The opening track starts off wholly soulful, but then falls into a reggae groove and finishes with a bassy electro soul punch. The followup immediately takes advantage of the group’s instrumentation abilities bringing in a funky guitar line and layering it beneath a cheering organ sample, then finishing with a darker breakbeat drop that lands itself somewhere between glitch-hop and dubstep. The final original track is a dope beat, and I mean a really dope beat. There’s a stronger focus on the electronic production, but the balance of spacey high keys pressed against a jostling treble line makes for a perfect partnering. The three remixes take on much of the same atmosphere as their original versions, but each of the three producers impresses their own unique style as well, drawing out laid-back hip-hop and some seriously mind-wrecking glitch-hop. The whole EP is up at the “name your price” option, but as always, show some support for the artists you love!

SwAy – Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Ageless – Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

SwAy & Ageless – SwAygeless EP FREE Download!!/Donate!!

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