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Scraps Megee & Mutomb0 – Spring Filth EP (FREE DL!!) [Trap//Glitch-Hop]



It’s always wonderful to see up and coming artists begin to flourish. While finely tuned music is always a promising listen, it remains just as enjoyable to hear a producer progress from his or her early stages all the way through to the point of masterful production. Needless to say, we have a really special release for you guys today.

If you’re a Funkadelphia frequent flyer, you’ve probably seen both these names here or there at some point or another (check out more from Scraps Megee HERE and more from Mutomb0 HERE).  Scraps Megee holds strong roots in Philadelphia, although he has made the great migration to the West Coast where we wish him all the best. Mutomb0 is carrying on the tradition here, helping to keep the fresh glitch-hop sound alive and breathing in The City of Brotherly Love.

The release is a product of DRNK, a local promotion company (now divided amongst Philly and L.A.), who have always been challenging their audiences to expect more from electronic production. The Spring Filth EP is certainly a result of that idea. The release features two new tracks from each producer. Scraps lets a lot of West Coast influences shine through on two laid-back trap tracks- one a VIP, the other an original mix- filled with glitchy, off-tempo rhythms and spacey synthesizers. Mutomb0 then comes in with a remix of Scraps’ second contribution to the release, as well as an additional original mix. Much more bass inclined, Mutomb0 has a more prominent glitch-hop feel, focusing on breakbeat drum kits and deeply layered bass tones. It’s another one of those great “name your price” releases via Bandcamp, but show these boys some love and hook up a donation.

Scraps Megee Soundcloud // Facebook

Mutomb0 Soundcloud // Facebook

DRNK Presents: Scraps Megee & Mutomb0 – Spring Filth EP FREE Download!!/Donate!!


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