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Album Review: Tipper – Forward Escape [Trip-Hop//Glitch]


When it comes to freaking out your ear drums, there seems to be one man that will always be on top of the game. Tipper has proved time and time again that he is the authority on producing beats to make the skin crawl. The UK producer might not be on the top of every music fans list of electronic producers, but for hardcore electronic fans, it’s not a stretch to say he’s a part of any discussion of producers furthering the genre.

In 1998 Dave Tipper released his debut album, a journey into the depths of downtempo and minimal psychedelia. Over the past decade and a half he has expanded his capabilities, demonstrating an adept ability to traverse any genre. Tipper has down hip-hop, he’s done glitch, and even more recently he’s taken on dubstep and drum & bass. With Forward Escape, he’s now gone full circle. The new album is reminiscent of earlier Tipper works, delving once again into the dreamscapes of minimal breakbeat patterns. Yet, there’s nothing minimal about the amount of work poured into the new record. Tipper’s sound is inescapable and unmistakable. His ideas are rooted in breakbeat, but from a perspective that is so far removed from that of any other producer.

While the new album recalls earlier genre bearings, it also puts forth more than enough originality. The king of sound design might be an appropriate title for Tipper, but it also isn’t really enough to do the man justice. The music goes well beyond the call of duty of interesting sound, further taking on challenging compositions. It’s no surprise that most festivals booking Tipper as an act call for multiple sets from the DJ, because one set would simply not be enough to encapsulate Tipper’s full capabilities.

It’s an extremely difficult task to rate Forward Escape in comparison to the rest of Tipper’s catalog. Surely it can be compared to his other more ambient works, but a plethora of genre-bending albums calls for an intense examination. With that, I would be far amiss to say the new record doesn’t measure up to earlier works. However, I would also be very much uncomfortable stating that it outranks his earlier works. I guess that’s Tipper for you though. This new album reeks of attention to detail. It holds true to a musician that is never satisfied with giving his fans any less than his best possible work.

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