Electronic / Future Bass / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul / Hip-Hop/Rap / Trap

Great Dane – “Daisy (G Jones Flip)” (FREE DL!!) [Trap//Glitch-Hop]


I’m going to be completely honest when I say I have absolutely no idea what just happened inside my ears. I feel like G Jones has to be the secret adopted son of Flying Lotus and MartyParty to churn out a tune this obscurely awesome. The Santa Cruz producer is certainly no newcomer to the production game, but he’s been making serious waves lately. With tracks like this though, it’s easy to see why. I’ll be the first to admit I often find trap tiresome and repetitive. However I also have to admit that when I hear a trap tune that’s really something unique, I can delve into that very track the same way I would with any genre. I should clarify, this new remix (or “flip” as G Jones is calling it) has definitive trap inspirations, but to simply stamp it as a trap track would be just unfair. Call it trapstep, call it glitch-hop, call it what you will. What I’m going to call it, is spectacular.

G Jones Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Great Dane – “Daisy (G Jones Flip)” — FREE Download!!

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