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Space Jesus – Atom + Eve EP (FREE DL!!) [Glitch-Hop//Bass]


Oh Philadelphia, you’ve given us so many beautiful and greatly talented artists. Seriously, the City of Brotherly Love houses so many incredible musicians it’s hard to keep track of everyone a lot of the time. So maybe it’s a good thing we were able to dump Space Jesus back on to New York’s lap. I kid. We miss Space Jesus, and his elegant mane of hair for that matter. I consider it a blessing he only went as far as New York City, allowing the New Jersey native to still frequently grace us with his presence and most crunk of performances.

Twice this year already Space Jeezy has returned to Philly to deliver lively, twisted sets; once as Space Jesus, and once alongside Supersillyus as the duo Schlang (whom we were lucky enough to catch up with for an interview)If you were with us at either of those performances, then some of this new release might sound familiar. The Atom + Eve EP is the latest instillation in Space Jesus’ solo catalog, and as always, it’s a trip down into the depths of the most psychedelic of hip-hop beats. With four brand new tracks, the album is certainly a mind-warp. So sit back and get comfortable, because you’re about to get blasted with some crunk junk.

Space Jesus Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Space Jesus – Atom + Eve EP FREE Download!!/Donate

Funkadelphia Picks: “Nice A** Yeans” & “Trillionaire Club”

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