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Mix Mondays feat. New Mixes from Desert Dwellers, Jakwob, Grimehouse & Zardonic (FREE DLs!!) [Electronic//Bass]

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It’s been a while since we dished up a new installment of our Mix Mondays series, but today is a perfect day for it considering all the great new music that’s being released. We’ve got three brand spanking new mixes for you guys today from four of our frequent flyers. Each mix showcases a completely different style, totaling up to over four hours of mind-blowing tunes.

First is the deep bassy grooves of Desert Dwellers. This mix comes from their recent tour alongside the mighty Simon Posford (aka Shpongle). In particular, this is the live cut from the duo’s March 27th set in Lafayette.

Desert Dwellers Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Desert Dwellers – “DD Live from the Museum of Consciousness Tour” — FREE Download!! // View Tracklist

Next we have a mix from the mighty UK producer and DJ Jakwob. James Jacob has been serving up beautiful and melodic tunes since 2010, showcasing a side of bass music that we rarely hear from dance producers. The owner of his own label, Jakwob has plenty of tunes to choose from, making this new essential mix a massive insight into music coming in at over 2 hours in length.

Jakwob Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Jakwob – “Essential Mix” — FREE Download!! // View Tracklist

Now, to give you a fresh serving of some filth, Grimehouse is here to do you right. Once you’ve settled into the psychedelic beats of Desert Dwellers, and the enchanting rhythms of Jakwob, let Grimehouse take you on a sonic bass journey of completely destructive proportions. With countless features here on Funkadelphia, the UK producer is ready to show you what he can do not just in the studio, but also behind the decks.

Grimehouse Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Grimehouse – “Ultimix” — FREE Download!!

Finally, for those of you who like to get lost in really dark, and really earth-shattering tunes, check out the “10th Anniversary Mix” from Zardonic. With roots in metal, this drumstep mix is about as heavy as things get. That’s right, if you thought that Grimehouse mix was heavy, then prepare to be taken to the next level.

Zardonic Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Zardonic – “10th Anniversary Mix” — FREE Download!! // View Tracklist

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