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Album Review: The Royal Noise – This Is the Funky Part [Funk//Jam]


It’s not hard to see why Philadelphia band The Royal Noise has been able to put together such a comprehensive and full list of festival appearances and otherwise general events for their Summer touring schedule. With an already impressive group of releases, the now Philadelphia based band looks to expand its reign with their third album This Is the Funky Part. The new record features 10 tracks total, including 3 live recordings of live tunes. The Royal Noise is Mike LaBombard (saxophone/keyboard, Johan Harvey (guitar), Rodrigo Pichardo (Bass) and Aaron Zarrow (drums). Originally a duo, the band has since expanded to a four-piece group, with a lineup that looks to stick. The addition of these two members has led to a more full and indeed funky sound. The new album showcases this idea, delving into the realms of jam, funk and jazz, taking on moments of tearing guitar, along with dreamy brass input, and deep bass lines that are sure to satisfy any funky Funkadelphia followers. Following the album’s release party this past Saturday, The Royal Noise now officially unleashes the new album on the world, spinning out a flurry groovy sounds.

The Royal Noise Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

The Royal Noise – This Is the Funky Part Buy on Bandcamp

Funkadelphia Picks: “Drop That Catfoot”, “B.O.D.” & “Heavy Tomato”

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