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NERO – “Satisfy” | Plus New Album Announcement


After a long period of silence, the mighty UK trio known as NERO is making their return via a massive new single called “Satisfy”. After hinting at a new album this year, after three years since their debut album, NERO dropped the new track earlier today. Currently available on the group’s soundcloud, “Satisfy” will be available on iTunes tonight. The single digs deep into the melodic forces of NERO’s female vocalist Alana Watson. The production forces an upbeat and bass-infused layer of madness down upon the listener, drawing inspirations from dubstep and drum & bass. The result is a heavy, but dark jungle track that will leave your head spinning. Indeed, this is just the glimpse we needed to go from excited to ecstatic about the trio’s approaching full-length followup to Welcome Reality. The official title and release date of the new album is still unknown.

NERO Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

NERO – “Satisfy” — Pre-Order/Buy on iTunes

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