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Late New Radio – “For Always” (New Single & Album Announcement!!) [Hip-Hop//Electro Soul]


Over the past year, we’ve really grown fond of Late Night Radio. The Denver producer is constantly channeling the most chill of melodies, fusing together elements of hip-hop, soul and bass music. His production has taken hold of various styles, ranging from more traditional instrumental hip-hop compositions, to heavier and occasionally darker bass-driven tracks. Late Night Radio has already proven busy in the studio with numerous several releases under his belt. On June 10th he will unveil his most recent collection of works however, fused together in the form of the new Soap Box LP. Today we have the first single, “For Always”, from the approaching album. This tune takes on the that deep and slow vibe we so frequently hear from Late Night Radio, wielding itself in the form of a laid-back hip-hop track.

You can also catch Late Night Radio performing at Infrasound Music Festival 2014, newly announced on the festival’s second phase lineup.

Late Night Radio Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Late Night Radio – “For Always”

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