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The Widdler – OGO EP (FREE DLs!!) [Dub//Bass]


The underground bass music movement is starting to get out of control, and in the best possible way. Artists experimenting with darker and more ambient based dub sound are starting to garner attention for themselves, which isn’t difficult to understand when you hear some of the music these guys are putting together. The Widdler is just one these incredible and growing artists. The Austin, Texas producer has a deep bass sound that sinks fangs into psychedelic, dub and ambient influences. With the new OGO EP, he covers a lot of ground, introducing six new tracks that showcase a variety of bass styles, including glitch and hip-hop.

The Widdler is just another great artist performing at Infrasound Music Festival 2014!

The Widdler Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

The Widdler – OGO EP Buy on Beatport (“Gitfukt”, “Lobster Trap” & “Martian Ambassador” FREE DLs Below!!)

Funkadelphia Picks: “Gitfukt”, “Lobster Trap” & “Martian Ambassador”

01) “Gitfukt” — FREE Download!!

02) “Killa Bitz”

03) “Lobster Trap” — FREE Download!!

04) “Martian Ambassador” — FREE Download!!

05) “Ogo” — Preview Here

06) “Space Balloon” — Preview Here

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