Electronic / Trap

Ethan DuBB – “Posi” (FREE DL!!) [Dub//Bass]


Written by Matthew Foran

Here in Philadelphia, we like our bass.  More specifically, we love it loud in an underground warehouse.  However, an artist needs to do something special in order to stand out at such events, and one DJ did just that.  Using superiority to mix deep, chill tracks that most of us wish we knew the name of with some of the hottest bass-infused songs of the day, New Jersey producer Ethan DuBB gathered a following of fans consisting of everything from deep-house aficionados to trap fans.  Long have I been waiting for an original mix from Ethan, and his new track “Posi” has the originality that his followers had high hopes to see in a production of his own.  With samples that tickle the brain and a deep dub feel with trap rolls, trust me house fans and trapaholics, Ethan Dubb’s juke track will get you moving on the dancefloor no matter what your preference is.  FREE download.

Ethan DuBB Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Ethan DuBB – “Posi” — FREE Download!!

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