Dubstep/Drumstep / Electro House / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul

Barely Alive – Internet Streets EP [Dubstep//Glitch-Hop]











Well we are back from an absolutely mind-blowing weekend at Summer Camp Music Festival, which we will be delivering you coverage from later this week. However, just because we were away doesn’t mean some great music didn’t get released in our absence. We have got a couple things for you from over the weekend, but first we give you Barely Alive’s Internet Streets EP. Before you even take a listen, the two labels that brought us this release should give you an idea for what you’re in for. This hard-hitting dubstep EP was released under both Firepower Records and Disciple Recordings. Now, Firepower has certainly built a reputation all it’s own, but Desciple Recordings is a fairly younger label. It was founded by Rob Talbott (Dodge & Fuski) around a year ago, and with some already fantastic releases and continuous support from Never Say Die, this label is going to continue to be successful. It definitley off to a dynamite start with Internet Streets. If you’re ready for some crunchy bass and face-twisting glitch-hop then crank the volume up on these tracks, you’re in for a treat. This is a real collaboration with features from Datsik, Messinian, and a remix from The Frim! Stay tuned for more great recent releases and keep your eyes peeled for our Summer Camp review later this week!

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Barely Alive – Internet Streets EP – Buy on Beatport

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