FARMFest Announces Phase 2 Lineup & Gratifly Allegiance


As if FARMFest 2014 wasn’t already full of splendor, the transformational festival took itself to a whole new level earlier this week. First, the festival, which will be held in Vernon, New Jersey, announced their phase 2 artist lineup, with a massive array of incredible additions including 2 sets from Liquid Stranger (including a downtempo set), Desert Dwellers, Thriftworks, Moon Hooch, Supersillyus, ELM, Wobblesauce, Dubloadz, Tweed, Vibe Street and more.

In addition to such an impressive phase 2, together with fellow transformational festival Gratifly, FARMFest brought the announcement of the two festival’s allegiance. Such an allegiance stands to potentially provide further surprises from both these festivals. You can read the full letter of allegiance on Reality Sandwich HERE.

Read more about FARMFest 2014 HERE.

FARMFest Website // Buy Tickets // On Facebook // Event Page

Phase 2 Artists:

Liquid Stranger – “Infusion Mix Vol. 1” — FREE Download!! // More from Liquid Stranger

Desert Dwellers – “Live from the Museum of Consciousness Tour” — FREE Download!! // More from Desert Dwellers

Thriftworks – “Exclusive 30Min. Mix for” — FREE Download!! // More from Thriftworks

Moon Hooch – “Contra” — FREE Download!! // More from Moon Hooch

Supersillyus – “Spore Session Vol. 15: Supersillyus [2.4.2014]” — FREE Download!! // More from Supersillyus

ELM – “Electrotica” — More from ELM

Wobblesauce – “Dirty Nasty” — More from Wobblesauce

Dubloadz – “The Savage Wonk Promo Mix 2014” — FREE Download!! // More from Dubloadz

Tweed – “Chunky Finster” — More from Tweed

Vibe Street – “Astral Harvest Mix” — More from Vibe Street

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