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Mix Mondays feat. New Mixes from Downlink & Nato Feelz (FREE DLs!!) [Dubstep//Bass]

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We’re back with another delectable serving of absolutely scrumptious mixes for you guys. With all the road tripping that happens during festival season, it’s always satisfying to know you’ll have enough awesome new music to keep your ear drums satisfied no matter where you’re headed. This week we’ve got two massive new mixes for you guys, one from the legendary Downlink, and the other from an up and comer, Nato Feelz. Both mixes are riddled with bass destruction all up and down the spectrum, taking on dubstep, trap, drumstep, drum & bass, and more.

So first we have Downlink. The Canadian producer and DJ has long been on the heels of Datsik and Excision, working his way up the ladder, and constantly showing audiences across the globe that he knows how to do it just as well as his mentors. After recently founding his own label, Uplink Audio, and putting out an assortment of releases, Downlink is back to serve us up the first half of his two part mix series. This first part is packed with mad tracks, and it’ll throw bass attacks all across your soundsystem.

Downlink Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Downlink – “Planetary Punishment DJ Mix” — FREE Download!!

Next we have yet another heavily bassed out mix, but this time from a name that’s probably a bit less familiar: Nato Feelz. The Portland, Oregon producer’s new assortment of tracks is showing us just why he should be taken seriously. The “Bass Ammunition Mix Vol. 2” features plenty of dirty bass, but from a dark and grimy sound that is too often forgotten by US producers and DJs.

Nato Feelz Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Nato Feelz – “Bass Ammunition Mix Vol. 2” — FREE Download!!

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