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Moon Hooch – “Bari 3” (New Single + Album Announcement!!) (FREE DL!!) [Jam//Funk]


A couple months ago I had the pleasure of catching Moon Hooch in action here in Philadelphia. In addition to being blown away by how skilled the trio was at jamming out their first album, we got a heavy dose of some new, unreleased tracks that night. Now the news of when we will see those new tracks has finally come. Moon Hooch has just put out their brand new single, “Bari 3”, which is the first track from their forthcoming sophomore album This Is Cave Music, which is due for release September 16th. The new single features plenty of that upbeat, dancey funk and jazz inspired input that we’ve come to know as the staple sound for Moon Hooch. But even moreso, the track takes on a deep almost bassy feel, a characteristic of brass music that seems to be completely exclusive to Moon Hooch. Looks like this album will be at least as good as the trio’s debut, if not better.

For more on Moon Hooch, check out our recent artist spotlight on the New York trio HERE! Plus be sure to catch them at both Beardfest 2014 and FARMFest 2014!

Moon Hooch – Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Moon Hooch – “Bari 3” — FREE Download!!

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