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North American Scum (Digital Tape Machine + Cosby Sweater) – Live at Summer Camp covering LCD Soundsystem (FREE DL!!) [Jam//Jamtronica]


We had a truly amazing experience at this year’s Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, Illinois. The festival was packed with amazing performances, but even more so, amazing surprises. One of the greatest events of the weekend was a collaboration set between Digital Tape Machine and Cosby Sweater. The two jamtronica groups came together to form North American Scum. But what was even more special about the collaboration was that the supergroup put together a set full of LCD Soundsystem covers. If you aren’t familiar with James Murphy‘s now disbanded dance punk group, then this set is probably one of the best introductions you could have. And if you’re already an LCD fan, well, then this will help quench that thirst that has been thirsting for several years now. You can grab the entire set for FREE below, full of some of LCD’s greatest hits, and a few other gems that are possibly less notable, but still equally great!

North American Scum Soundcloud

Digital Tape Machine Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Cosby Sweater Website // Soundcloud //  Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

North American Scum – Live @ Summer Camp (Download each track individually below FREE!!)

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