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Album Review: TRUTH – Hollow World + FREE Mix!! [Dub//Bass]


It’s interesting to see how music history repeats itself, finding its way into a cyclical nature. Dubstep and dub music in general has gone through a massive evolution over the years, but for fans of the genre’s early years, the music that kickstarted dubstep’s roots is finally seeing a return to the limelight. New Zealand duo TRUTH are undeniably big contributors to this phenomenon. The two producers have remain fixated on a deep, dark, and crawling dub sound that, for a while, seemed to get swept under the rug. Nonetheless, TRUTH has been holding it down the entire time, remaining loyal to the sound they love, rather than adapting their style to what is being booked in clubs and larger venues. This is the stamp of a true artist.

With a massive amount of releases, ranging from singles, EPs, albums, and mixes, TRUTH is constantly hard at work. The duo has put forth multiple collaborations with one of the genre’s biggest names: Datsik. So it’s not too much of a surprise that the duo’s latest album, Hollow World, has been released by Datsik’s label, Firepower Records. The new record remains true to what TRUTH has always remained loyal to, taking a stroll through the dark forests of ambient bass music. Creeping sound design rings through each track, releasing interesting drum patterns surrounded by a cloud of dark and ambient sound design. It’s been a while since TRUTH has put forth a full album for us, but it was all truly worth the wait.

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Funkadelphia Picks: “The Only Ones”, “Evil Eye”, “The Fact”, “Goodbye”  & “Withered”


To help further promote the new album release, TRUTH put out a promo mix featuring a large amount of the new album’s material, as well as a few classic TRUTH tracks from previous releases. The even better news is that you can grab the mix as a FREE download!!

TRUTH – “Hollow World Promo Mix” — FREE Download!! // View Full Tracklist

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