Figure- “Friday the 13th” (FREE DL!!) + TERRORVISION Preview Video [Dubstep//Drumstep]

FigureFri13thSurprise, surprise!! We originally expected “Friday the 13th” to drop this Friday, you know the 13th, but it seems Josh just couldn’t keep this one from us any longer. The first track on the upcoming Monster Vol. 5, due out in October, is a prime example of some real, classic, pure FIGURE. Josh has made some comments recently about trying to get back to what he really enjoys making, that filthy, crunchy, drumstep nastiness that this track epitomizes extremely well. Not only has he brought us this wonderful original track, but he has also linked it with a teaser video for TERRORVISION, the visuals he will be using on his next tour. The video is just as disgustingly awesome as the song. The video includes some fantastic classic horror films scenes that match up perfectly with the track. Classic horror films, classic Figure, classic greatness for all to enjoy for FREE!!

Figure –  Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Figure – “Friday the 13th” FREE Download!!

WARNINGThe following video features graphic content from horror films (gore & violence).

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