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Late Night Radio – Soap Box (FREE Album!) [Hip-Hop//Electro-Soul]

Late Night Radio Soap Box

It’s always exciting to see a new release from Denver producer Late Night Radio. It’s especially nice when the release is a 7-track album! Today I am thrilled to present to you Soap Box, Late Night Radio’s new album released through Michal Menert’s new record label, Super Best Records. With names like Mux Mool, Krooked Drivers, and Mikey Thunder, we can definitely expect big things from this new collective in the future! I have been a big supporter of Late Night Radio for a while now, and it’s great to see him surrounding himself with so much talent and make significant strides as a growing artist.  Soap Box is an incredible collection of 7 tracks that put on display the perfect fusion of classic hip-hop vibes and groovy, glitched-out bass music.  The album consists of a few feel-good downtempo tracks such as his 2 latest singles, “Forever in a Day” and “For Always”, but will also satisfy the needs of those who prefer music a little more on the electronic/glitchy side of the spectrum. Also featured on the album is some excellent live instrumentation from DYNOHUNTER‘s Clark Smith on saxophone and SunSquabi‘s Kevin Donohue laying down some killer guitar. It’s difficult for me to list Funkadelphia Picks for this one as the whole album is truly incredible, so I suggest playing the album from start to finish and let it take you on a musical journey. Finally, if the album itself wasn’t enough of a treat, it is also available to download for the “Name Your Price” option, so even if you’re a broke college student, you have no excuse for not picking up this album! Enjoy!

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Late Night Radio – Soap BoxName Your Price!

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