Dubstep/Drumstep / Electronic / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul

Pegboard Nerds – “Here It Comes” [Glitch-Hop//Dubstep]


We keep it no secret that we love us some funk here at Funkadelphia. What’s truly interesting for us though is just how many various perspectives can be brought to the funk music game. From funk dance music, to classic funky rock and jazz, to the heavier and often dirty funky bass music, funk has overall seen a huge transition from a niche genre to a widespread amount of applications. The Denmark duo of Pegboard Nerds has been flying higher and higher on our radars lately, bringing a constant stream of massive funky bass music to the table with each and every release. What’s even more commendable is these guys’ ability to deliver the funk from such a large variety of styles. With their new single, “Here It Comes”, Pegboard Nerds are turning their production up to a notch we have yet to hear from them. Sure, their music is typically packed full of bass, but this new track will leave you drowning in relentless rapids of grimy destruction.

Pegboard Nerds Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Pegboard Nerds – “Here It Comes” — Buy on Beatport

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