Jack Deezl – Reclaimer EP (FREE DL!!) [Electronica//Dance]


One of our favorite local producers, and one of the artists we’ve followed since our very beginnings, Jack Deezl has been relatively silent the past few months. That being said, he’s been quiet as far as releasing new music. As far as being open as to why his releases have become less frequent, Jack Deezl has been far from secretive. Over the past year Drew Mercadante (Jack Deezl) has spent his time hard at work in the studio, working on and perfecting every tiny aspect of his newest record, the Reclaimer EP.

When it comes to electronic and dance music, some producers seem perfectly fine with hammering out new tracks every few weeks- and sometimes even every single- just to keep their music current and constantly flowing. However, Jack Deezl is more focused on perfecting and refining his sound, putting his tracks to a point where they convey his absolutely most maximized potential. The Reclaimer EP shows that massive effort put to work. With five tracks total, the EP is practically a miniature symphony, taking the listener up and down waves of emotional turmoil, capturing moments in life and moments lost in the mind. Not only that, but Jack Deezl displays an inept ability to take on multiple genres, as well as blending them together to form a unique fusion of electronica and dance sounds that delicately lifts the middle finger to any critic trying to bend an electronic release until a single genre.

While the EP comes at the “Name Your Price” option, I would be amiss in saying I think this album is worth the free download. For a local artist putting this much time in, one that has supported his local scene, escalating fellow producers and musicians to new heights, constantly encouraging musical creativity, it’s clear that this is a man who deserves the support. A small donation goes a long way, even if it truly is small.

Jack Deezl –  Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook

Jack Deezl – Reclaimer EP FREE Download!!/Donate

Funkadelphia Pick: “In Solitude”

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