Electronic / Hip-Hop/Rap

Artifakts – “Signs In the Sky” [Hip-Hop//Breaks]


If there’s one thing Infrasound 2014 taught me, it’s that the Midwest sure as heck knows how to get down. One of the hugely talented up and comers from the festival was Wisconsin DJ and producer Artifakts. Bringing a unique ear to hip-hop, electro soul, downtempo, breaks, and all things mellow, Artifakts poured his heart and soul into the decks Infrasound weekend to deliver a set unlike any other. Now he’s back with a brand new track, “Signs In the Sky”, which demonstrates his adept ability take laid back music to a whole new level. Constantly working on new tunes, Artifakts is someone to definitely keep an eye on for regularly updated, excellently produced new material. You can also grab plenty of FREE Artifakts tunes HERE!

Artifakts Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Artifakts – “Signs In the Sky”

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