Dubstep/Drumstep / Electronic

JPhelpz – The Living Dead EP [Dubstep//Bass]


When it comes to bass, that which will make thy earth quake, there is one man I can always put my full and entire trust into: JPhelpz. The St. Louis producer has been on a serious come up for quite some time now, and with his latest release, The Living Dead EP, coming through Firepower Records, its not a stretch to see why. JPhelpz is a master of cooking up diverse and unique bass frequencies, mutilating a variety of styles and boiling them all in a vat of scratched up bass battery. With just four tracks, JPhelpz manages to take us through a multitude of ideas and rhythms on this new EP that are sure to suck any bass head deep into the catacombs of a mystifying and frightening journey.

JPhelpz Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

JPhelpz – The Living Dead EP Buy on iTunes

Funkadelphia Picks: “Living Dead” & “Brains”

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