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Gramatik – Get a Grip Remixes (Russ Liquid, FKJ & Kartell) [Funk//Electro Soul]


Of course Gramatik is always a name that’s quick to mind when thinking of producers bringing funk to their music. Having expanded to a multitude of projects- including GRiZmatik, Exmag, and Gibbzmatik- Denis Jasarevic (Gramatik) is sure to make some noise anytime he takes the stage. With his latest album, The Age of Reason, being released this Spring, plenty of artists have begun to put their own spin on the compilation of funked out and grooving tracks. Today we have the official selections for Gramatik’s “Get a Grip” remixes album. Each remix hones in on a different aspect of the track, finding an original sound. One thing that remains constant though: that level of funk. Smooth and jazzy, all three of these remixes are sure to bring the goods to your eardrums. With Russ Liquid bringing the trumpet on the first on, you know you can just never go wrong. Then FKJ and Kartell deliver their own perspectives to the track.

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Gramatik Get a Grip Remixed

Funkadelphia Pick: “Get a Grip (Kartell Remix)”

01) “Get a Grip (Russ Liquid Remix)”

02) “Get a Grip (FKJ Remix)”

03) “Get a Grip (Kartell Remix)”

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