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Mix Mondays feat. New Mixes from ODESZA, SKisM, Dubsef & More!! (FREE DLs!!) [Bass//Electronic]

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We’ve got an excellent arrangement of new mixes for you all today. Some on the mellow vibe side, others on the heavy dance vibe. We’ll divide this article in half, keeping the top two mixes as the chilled out mixes for when you’re just waking up. Then once afternoon, or evening hits, you can roll down to the latter two mixes to put yourself into a dancing frenzy.

First up is the latest installment in ODESZA‘s NO.SLEEP Mix series. The West Coast duo has become well renowned for their chill beats laid deep rolling basslines, all entangled with joyous vocal samples. With NO.SLEEP Mix.05, ODESZA shows off plenty of tracks from artists that have or continue to inspire them. It’s a mix of what the duo’s listening to when they aren’t working on their own production; it’s a glimpse into their minds.

ODESZA Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

ODESZA – “NO.SLEEP Mix.05” — FREE Download!! // Full Tracklist

Next up we have another fully vibed out mix from a West Coast producer. This one comes from California native BOGL. While ODESZA’s mix takes on strong influences from ambient and nu-disco inspired music, BOGL takes a road down a more hip-hop and bass reinforced road. He manages to pull together an eclectic and peculiar arrangement of tracks into a single flawlessly flowing mix that’s sure to sink you into the couch.

BOGL Soundcloud // Facebook

BOGL – “Wavey Summer Mix” — FREE Download!!

Time to turn things up to maximum warp. Last week the mighty Never Say Die Records put out their latest compilation Never Say Die UKF Vol. 3. As is tradition, one artist was selected from the label to put together a continuous mix featuring all the tracks from the compilation. This time around that artist was SKisM, the label owner and mastermind. This guy knows his ways around turntables, in a way that’s rare to see in this modern day music world. With a turntablist skill level that’s hard to beat, SKisM puts together another throttling mix for your ears.

SKisM Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

SKisM – “Never Say Die UKF Vol. 3 Continuous Mix” — Buy on iTunes // Full Tracklist

Finally I’ve got another rowdy one for you, but this one comes from a local DJ and producer: Dubsef. It’s been a while since we featured this Philadelphia wild-man here on Funkadelphia, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been just as hard at work fine-tuning his production and DJ skills. Now he’s back with a brand new mix, and it’s full of all your favorite bass tunes to lose your mind to, plus a few hidden surprises to make your skin crawl.

Dubsef Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Dubsef – “Your EDM Mix Volume 14” — FREE Download!! // Full Tracklist

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