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Brightside – “The Equinox” [Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier] | FREE DL; Debut Single from the forthcoming SoulShine EP

Brightside Premier v2final

We started Funkadelphia in 2012 with one true goal that stood ahead of the rest: help bring attention to local musicians doing their job well. As we’ve grown, our reach and content have expanded greatly, yet this is one goal we’ve always held true to ourselves. The most rewarding articles for myself are ones that I know are being written on a track or release that very well may be missed by other websites or blogs.

So with a new EP on the horizon, we’ve decided to team up with New York producer Brightside to bring you guys an exclusive look into his Soulshine EP, which drops next Tuesday (July 8th). The EP features five new tracks from Eric Tully (Brightside), with “The Equinox” being one of them. While the entire album will be released for FREE, you can grab this single for FREE right now, and be on your way to glimpsing this amazing new release. The track is loaded with experimental composition methods, utilizing breakbeat and bass inspirations to twist together some peculiar design of a track that manages to wiggle its way deep down into your ear drums. The beat is smooth but constantly changing, maintaining an awareness of intelligent electronic structure. The sound design is polished to say the least, dipping into a combination of organic and electronic sounds. Remember, “The Equinox” will be available next Tuesday as a part of the entire Soulshine EP, so keep your eyes peeled!

Plus be sure to catch Brightside performing live at F.A.R.M. Music & Arts Festival 2014! He’ll be delivering some late night bass frequencies on the Funkadelphia stage.

Brightside Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Brightside – “The Equinox” [Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier] — FREE Download!!

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