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F.A.R.M.Fest Artist Spotlight #6: Unlimited Aspect + Exclusive Interview with ProJect Aspect


We’re within the one month barrier of F.A.R.M. Music & Arts Festival now, and while July is going to be backed with tons of amazing shows and festivals for us, F.A.R.M. remains the real gem in the distance. A collective reminder that the electronic and jamtronica underground is still thriving in the Northeast, the festival features an eclectic lineup unified by masterful musical talents and an ideology to strive for a better future.

This week we’re pulling out Unlimited Aspect for a special spotlight. The Colorado duo consists of Unlimted Gravity and ProJect Aspect, two Denver based producers with strong roots in glitch-hop, dubstep, and many of there correlating genres. While each has his own solo project, the duo has come together for a multitude of live performances, which have come to feature an increasing amount of live instrumentation, as well as a debut album, BASSASS!, under the Unlimited Gravity name.

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I also recently had a chance to catch up with ProJect Aspect to talk about his own production, the Unlimited Aspect project, and the duo’s appearance at FARMFest, which you can read below.

Unlimited Aspect Soundcloud // Facebook

Unlimited Gravity Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

ProJect Aspect Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Funkadelphia: So you’re based out of and grew up in Denver. How do you feel the city has inspired you and brought inspiration to your music?
ProJect Aspect: Yeah I was born and raised in Denver and I feel like that definitely has been an advantage for me as for as gathering inspiration. It’s very easy having so many famous concert venues including Red Rocks, The Fillmore, et cetera… Denver has always been a mandatory stop for touring musicians so I certainly obtained a ton of inspiration growing up here.

Funkadelphia: Have you always been into electronic music? Or is it something you gained an interest for later in life?
ProJect Aspect: I haven’t always been into electronic music. Honestly as a kid I just thought of everything as ‘Techno’. I never got into the ‘Rave/Kandi’ scene like my older sisters had. It took me a while to find myself in the music world. I was big into punk rock and alternative music, as well as classic rock influenced from my dad. My very first live electronic music experience was Sound Tribe Sector 9 at Red Rocks in 2006. It was their first headlining show at the world famous venue and they had Jurassic 5 as support. Discovering STS9 opened up a completely new galaxy of music to me, something I always craved and yet never heard.
Funkadelphia: Who are some artists, either electronic or otherwise, that you listen to often, and some that you feel have influenced your music?
ProJect Aspect: There are way too many artists who inspire my music but I would have to say most of all my friends inspire me the most. The Mile High Sound Movement influences me more than anything. Honestly I almost shed a tear watching Kruza Kid and Cloud D play Sonic Bloom this past weekend. Those are the moments I live for. Seeing my friends succeed and send the crowds they play for into a frenzy of dance mayhem.
Funkadelphia: You’ve begun to incorporate some live instrumentation into your sets via your own guitar playing. Has that always been a part of the performance, or is it something you’ve started doing more recently?
ProJect Aspect: My first live ProJect Aspect set EVER included live guitar and keys. I honestly barely knew what I was doing but I had an idea and went with it. I have been working on the same set since 2008. I recently started bringing the guitar back into my live sets mostly for Unlimited Aspect but lately I have definitely become more comfortable playing live instruments while performing Live PA.

Funkadelphia: You also have a project with Unlimited Gravity called Unlimited Aspect. Can we hope to see any live instrumentation from you guys there?ProJect Aspect: Unlimited Aspect has become a live band. We just added a live Drummer Steven Kuzma (Check out Lost Optical), and I play guitar, Ronnie sings and plays keys, and we often have saxophone sit in during our sets.Be sure to catch the magic at FarmFest because we will have the full live project in full effect. This has become our main focus and we would like to continue experimenting with UA.

Funkadelphia: You released a new album, Hyperspace, earlier this Spring. And recently you’ve been on a tear releasing new remixes. Are there any other new ProJect Aspect releases you have in the works that we might see soon?

ProJect Aspect: I am currently working on my next Full length album. As well as the next Unlimited Aspect album with Unlimited Gravity. This new music is pushing us to the next level and for now you will just need to see it live because it may be a while before you see it released.

Funkadelphia: You also have a hat with Grassroots California in the works. Any idea when that will be finished and being released?
ProJect Aspect: My Grassroots hat is finished and in the final stages of production. Be on the look out for it late summer!
Funkadelphia: Thanks for your time! We’re really looking forward to get down to some ProJect Aspect, Unlimited Gravity, and Unlimited Aspect at FARMFest. We’ll see you there! Anything else you’d like to say to your fans and our readers before we wrap up?
ProJect Aspect: I just wanna thank Funkadelphia for your time and support over the years! Can’t wait to come to FarmFest and show the east coast how Colorado does it! #BASSASS!

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