Downtempo/Minimal / Electronic / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul

Psymbionic – Parallels Part 2: Eye EP (FREE DL!!) [Glitch-Hop//Trip-Hop]


Back in the winter, Psymbionic released the first of a series of new EP’s under the project title ParallelsPart I: Storm was an enchanting walk down a stretch of sound encapsulated by walls of awakening sound design. Today we are thrilled to bequeath unto you the next installment, Parallels Part 2: Eye. With an additional five new tracks, including four originals and one remix, Psymbionic calls upon some fellow producers and musicians to lend their hand to the release. With input from Govinda, ill-esha, The Digital Connection and more, the new EP has found itself a place as a deserving follow-up to the series’ first installment. The quality of sound is different here than on Storm though, delving into more melodic and downtempo productions.

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Psymbionic – Parallels Part 2: Eye EP FREE Download!!/Donate

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