Pure Classic Festival feat. Lindsay Lowend, Noah Breakfast, Nadus, DJ Sylo, Dev79, JXLbeats, XNDR, Dayo, Tha Riva & Many More [Sat. 07.12–21+]



It’s 4th of July weekend coming up, which I’m sure means you’ll all be willy nilly all over the place getting into holiday shenanigans. But let’s take a look ahead at how we can keep the party going next weekend. Saturday, July 12thPure and Cult Classic are teaming up to put on all day, outdoor event that’s prepared to put your brain on the brink of exploding. With two Philadelphia companies coming together for this party, you know there’s going to be plenty of local tent on the bill; and oh man, “plenty” doesn’t even begin to scrape the service. The bill calls on producers, DJs and performers from all corners of Philadelphia’s arts and culture spectrum. There’s plenty of representation from Glitch Squad between JXLbeats and XNDR. There’s the underground and extremely talented rapper Tha Riva. Plus plenty of other names that you’re guaranteed to be familiar with if you’ve been around the Philadelphia scene: Dayo, Trprkpr, Buddy Leezle, the list goes on. And of course, a co-owner of Philly’s own Seclusiasis Records, and a real all-star, Dev79.

Now, that’s just digging into the local and opening talent. That’s right, we haven’t even begun to get into the headliners for this event. With music going from 4PM-2AM (that’s 10 straight hours of bass thumping grooves) there’s already enough music on this bill to leave your head spinning. But just in case you’re a true dancefloor addict, dedicated to getting down all night, then Pure and Classic are calling in the heavy artillery. The night will come to a close with three guest appearances from Nadus, Noah Breakfast and Lindsay Lowend. With Nadus and Noah Breakfast repping our area, on top of the already insane lineup of insane acts, I’m hard pressed to believe there’s any excuse to not make it out next weekend. That’s not to mention Lindsay Lowend topping everything off, the evening’s sure to turn wicked.

Pure Classic Festival Event Page // Buy Tickets

Pure Productions Website // Facebook // Soundcloud // Twitter

Cult Classic Goods Website // Twitter

Lindsay Lowend – It’s George”

Say Lou Lou – “Everything We Touch (Noah  Breakfast Remix)”

Nadus – “Nxwxrk”

Dev79 – “Boom Boom Down”

JXLbeats – “Off Blue”

Tha Riva – “Back to 16”

XNDR –  “Pharoahs”

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