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Rusko – “Sunshower” (+ New EP Announcement) [Trap//Future Bass]


Rusko is constantly a hot topic of discussion. But let’s put all that aside and focus on Rusko’s actual production. I mean, that’s the point, right? Definitely an old school dubstep kid, Rusko has been in circulation throughout both the electronic and festival scenes the past few years. His production has continued to grow and explore further regions of bass music. Finally we have news of his next EP, to be simply titled: !. The first track from the new release found its way into our hands today, showing off a side of Rusko we’ve yet to see. Sure the trap and trill have been done plenty, some might even argue done to death. But there’s arguably still room for artistic improvement, and Rusko does a great job of providing that on this track with consistently interesting drumming, and easing melodic sound design.

Rusko Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Rusko – “Sunshower”

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