Dubstep/Drumstep / Electronic

Grimblee – Nemesis EP [Dubstep//Bass]

artworks-000083317250-vfi9nb-t500x500 So this one actually came out last week, but I’d never be able to forgive myself if I didn’t post it. Grimblee is quite possibly one of the most creative dubstep (and generally bass) producers on the scene right now. His music is heavy, but also “quirky” often comes to mind when listening to his tunes. With insane sound design that at times borders on silly, Salt Lake City, Utah based producer has one of the most unique perspectives on the genre. His new Nemesis EP is a perfect demonstration, stepping into a world of ridiculously heavy, but also glitchy and off-time beats that’s sure to leave you stomping around, and flailing around like a lunatic.

Grimblee Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook

Grimblee – Nemesis EP Buy on Beatport

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