Funkadelphia Presents: The Funky Town Stage at F.A.R.M. Music Festival 2014 (Stage Lineup & More!)

10414523_1450721081850120_3763406640313375241_n The day we found out we were going to be doing this was one of the most special days we now hold in our hearts. As a result, we decided to take the opportunity and turn into the absolute most insane experience we possibly could to thank our fans for pushing us to this level. So it is with massive truck-loads of gratitude and enthusiasm that I present you with the lineup for Funkadelphia’s Funky Town Stage at F.A.R.M. Music & Arts Festival 2014. The stage will be running daily and nightly (late nightly). On this lineup you will find a few names already on F.A.R.M.Fest’s lineup, but you will also find plenty of special guests we’re bringing out just to enhance the experience. From Philadelphia to New York to Illinois to Colorado, these artists are coming from far and wide just to deliver the FUNK!

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Unlimited Gravity – “Sources Orchestra”

ProJect Aspect – “Extra Fly”

Supersillyus – “Experience with Eternity”

Spankalicious – “Cuddle Puddle”

Filibusta – “Wild Wild West”

Kinetik Groove – “Coast to Coast”

Vibe Street – “Mine Tonight”

Ageless – “Thrill Me”

Get Up – “Dawn”

Cheatcode – “They Schools (Pink Floyd x Dead Prez)”

Jack Deezl – “In Solitude”

Agent Zero – “Breathe”

Brightside – “Singularity”

Mojo Risin – “Boogie Monster”

Faceplant – “Time Flys” (Remix of RA!N)

Sexy Black Female – “Forgotten Frolics (Darkside or Bust)”

JXLbeats – “I Go Where the Trees Go”

Izahead – “Adrift”

Mutomb0 – “Trapped In My Skull”

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