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Brightside – SoulShine EP (FREE DL!!) + Exclusive Interview


Music is an art form; it’s a rather simple argument. Now when it comes to art, I always find the most inspiring artists to be those forging their own path, finding a way to carve their own unique perspective into whatever they’re doing. And with the influx of attention the electronic music world has received over the past few years, this phenomenon is more rare even than you might expect. This does allow for a positive opposite though: when an artist takes the time to create their own defined vision it really stands out. Even if it’s a piece of work that doesn’t fit into your personal tastes, it’s almost impossible not to appreciate the effort.

Eric Tully, aka Brightside, has set a new bar for the artistic mind. He’s waded neck-deep into the ocean of thought, and he’s embraced every wave of creativity that comes crashing down upon him. It’s been a long wait for the SoulShine EP, but the wait was well worth it. The EP comes in polished and refined, framed with completely original sound design and peculiar compositional methods that will leave your head spinning. At times you’ll find yourself sucked into a room walled of by low-temp bass, and at other moments, trip-hop inspired ambient tones. The whole album leaves us with the inevitable realization that this young man has a long career ahead of him, one that will be constantly full of tracks and albums crying for artists to challenge themselves each and every time they step into the studio.

I was blessed to spend some time with Eric Tully talking about the Brightside Movement project, all the work and creation that went into this new EP, and his inspirations in general. You’ll find the interview below. And be sure to catch Brightside performing in just two short weeks at the Funkadelphia Stage at F.A.R.M. Music & Arts Festival!

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Brightside – SoulShine EP FREE Download!!


Interview with Brightside:

Funkadelphia: So you’re currently based out of New York. Is that where you grew up, or what’s the journey been like getting there
BrightsideI was Born and Raised in Queens, New york and that is where i still am currently. Ideally i want to travel and move to other cities but i know i will be back sooner or later, NYC has a sort of undeniable electricity to it and i cant seem to get enough.
Funkadelphia: How do you feel like the New York music scene, and the city in general, has influenced your music?
Brightside: The music Scene here is unbelievable, there is ALWAYS something going on in all types of genres and it the party never stops because the city doesn’t sleep. I was raised on Hip Hop and i think its mostly because i grew up where i did, The culture here is extremely rich and diverse so it was not hard to be exposed to more then one type of music & art and gain influence from all over the spectrum.
Funkadelphia: You recently played both Summer Camp and Wakarusa. How was that experience of getting to bring your performance to a major festival?
BrightsideUn-Fucking-Believable. I was a little nervous that the eclectic sampling of my live performances wouldn’t go over as well and that people would think im just another DJ playing other peoples music but so many people were really vibing to what i was putting down and that really humbled me.
Funkadelphia: Were you always an electronic music fan growing up? Or was it something that you grew into?
BrightsideAphex Twin and Infected mushroom were some of the first electronic artists i listened to before i even really knew what electronic music was so i wouldn’t say I’ve always been an electronic music fan but I’ve definitely had an appreciation for it for awhile now. My music taste is constantly changing and a main reason that i became such a huge electronic music fan in the first place is because of how diverse this music genre really is, the list of subgenres is always growing and evolving.
Funkadelphia: Who have been some major influences on you, whether it be electronic artists, rock, hip-hop, or whatever else?
BrightsideOkay off the top of my head, in no particular order : Atmosphere, Rage against the Machine, OTT, Raja Ram, Bob Marley, Alan Watts, Turkuaz, Pink Floyd, Flying Lotus, Gorillaz, Outkast, Tycho, Tupac, Boombox & many many many more
Funkadelphia: So you’ve got this upcoming performance at FARM Music & Arts Festival in Vernon, New Jersey. Any surprises you have up your sleeves?

BrightsideWell we definitely have a few surprises lined up for Farm Fest this year to say the least. Me and Vibe Street are gonna be throwing down a back-2-back Basslight’s inspired Set on the Funkadelphia Stage. All of our favorite tunes/mashups/remix/live edits from Bassnectar and Pretty Lights will be dropped with our own personal touches added to it. I will also be doing a set with my brother Firejay that will be debuting a TON of new tracks off his upcoming mixtape, produced entirely by myself.

Funkadelphia: Are there any other Brightside releases you can tell us about coming in the future?
BrightsideI am currently conjuring up a few different projects, one being the Firejay Mixtape, another is an album called “Brightside of the Moon” where all the songs will comprised of nothing but samples from Pink Floyd’s Discography. It is still in the very beginning stages so I’m not exactly sure when it will be coming out but more and more ideas are taking life everyday. Now that this EP is out i want to focus on more collaborations,remix’s, and  a full length album.
Funkadelphia: Well thanks so much for your time. Anything else you’d like to say before we finish up here?
BrightsideI just want to say thanks to Funkadelphia for shining a light on independent artists like myself and giving us an outlet to share our music. A big thanks to the Farm Fest team for standing by me and allowing us to grow together. And last but not least a Huge thank you for everyone who has supported me and my music, i am eternally grateful.

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