Electronic / Future Bass

Norfik – Inanimate Pulse EP (FREE DL!!) [Jungle//Breakbeat]


Come with me, let’s take a stroll down a seriously twisted path through some of the darkest forests you’ve ever wandered into. Illinois-based producer Norfik has an enchanting mind. It’s one that seems wrapped tightly with ingenuity and an attitude that straight up says: “I’m going to make the music I want to, whether you like it or not”. After his debut album, Brighter Than a Million Suns, it’s been a several month wait that’s been full of itching for new Norfik music. Now that day has come, and while the new Inanimate Pulse EP consists of a short three-track stint, the journey each track creates into the depths of intelligent sound will leave you feeling lost in eternity. With roots in jungle, breakcore, and juke, Norfik takes on compositional methods that are far and few between, yet also far from unappreciated.

Norfik – Soundcloud // Facebook

Norfik – Inanimate Pulse EP — FREE Download!! (Individual DLs below!)

“Chongo” — FREE Download!!
“Carpet Mind” — FREE Download!!
“Corrupt” — FREE Download!!

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